Venus and mars dating

Venus and mars dating

I recently met with John Gray, best selling author of "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus," over lunch. We covered quite a few topics related to sex, dating, and relationships over two hours.

But his work regarding ADHD and boomer relationship commitment, the topic of his new book, "Staying Focused In A Hyper World," is fascinating and fresh and are the primary focus of this article. The real number is greater but many parents just don't want to believe it. In addition one out of four women in America is on an antidepressant.

I'll cover other topics John and I discussed in future articles but here's some of what John had to say. There are reasons and solutions for both." "ADHD shows up differently in our adult lives.

In children it's visible as hyperactivity and restlessness, but what's fascinating is that a hyperactive child that sits in front of a computer is able to focus and stay focused.

Hyper stimulation comes in and we enjoy it, but our ability to enjoy normal stimulation decreases. An example is when I look at my emails and get good news, then the brain keeps going back looking for more good news.

Our brains are constantly being over-stimulated by the world we live in today.

But by the next morning dopamine levels are depleted and the result is that you feel a bit down or flat. If you get over stimulated all the time then normal life becomes boring." Men and ADHD I asked John if ADHD in men in relationships is an issue today.

"It's rampant and the reason is that we're living in a hyper world.

An example is a child who can't listen to his mother but will be completely enthralled if you put him in front of a computer." Relationships and Heroin?

Staying focused in a hyper-world is the challenge for adults too.

Men's commitment issues are related to hyperactivity.

Here's a link to my website where readers can immediately receive a summary." "The way chemical changes show up in men is that they have a greater dependence and need for excitement through new and different sources.

I write about how to keep the passion and excitement associated with dopamine alive in relationships as well as the comfort and ease of knowing that person is there. Planning a date somewhere new and different pushes up a woman's dopamine levels because there's the sense of excitement.

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