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Depression causes lasting sadness and loss of interest in things you formerly enjoy.Having depression affects your moods, thoughts, and behavior.Depression chat rooms can be a self-help tool to remind you of your coping skills.Depression is Common Source: The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) estimated that 16 million adults are affected by depression in the United States last year. Women have a 70% more likelihood of depression than men.People who have naturally low self-esteem, who easily feel stressed, or who are pessimistic are more prone to having depression.People who would not normally be subject to depression may get it if their environment is stressful.A depression help chat is a good place where therapists and other people with depression come together to discuss helpful treatments for depression, including holistic and experimental treatments.

Life's trials and tribulations get all of us down now and again, and it's perfectly normal to be sad sometimes.

People with bipolar disorder experience bouts of depression alternating with manic symptoms. Depression runs in families and it can skip generations.

Source: Because there are several forms of depression, if you are using chat rooms for depression as part of your therapy, you may want to look for a depression chat room for your specific type of depression. We know more about depression and its connection to affects whether people become depressed.

Living a lifestyle of poverty or violence can cause depression in some people. Source: It can be hard to differentiate between sadness that is normal and sadness that stems from a depressive disorder.

People with depression may have one or more symptoms.

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A depressed mood can cause you not to be able to function with your normal daily activities.

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