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The editors encouraged them to provide a summary of progress in their respective techniques during the past three decades (emphasizing the developments that have taken place within the past five years) and the status of current research.

This group of outstanding international scholars includes an Australian, two Canadians, one Indian, one New Zealander, two authors from the United Kingdom, and 12 contributors from the United States.

The lectures follow the classification of the materials, e.g.Interested readers and science-oriented scholars may wish to read all three parts; casual readers will benefit from perusing the first and third sections.Background, Context, and General Assessment Research conducted by archaeologists, prehistorians, historians of ancient cultures and civilizations, and art historians, among other scholars and scientists, has, in the main, four primary components: 1) description; 2) location, provenance, or provenience; 3) chronology; and 4) explanation, inference, and/or the testing of hypotheses.The main emphasis is on radiocarbon dating but we also discuss a suit of other techniques, both established and emerging.Some of these have been developed to address chronology at greater age depths (luminescence, uranium series) or to enhance precision (tephra) where required.

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Chronometric Dating for the Archaeologist isn't bedtime reading, nor is it for the faint-of-heart, but at the same time one does not have to have a background in materials science or organic or inorganic chemistry to understand the basic premise of the work.

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