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The following is a first attempt at documenting the information that core puts into the object. I will at some point gather all the comments together into one and then file an issue to get it added to the official documentation.From the 'users' table: uid - User ID name - User name pass - Encrypted password mail - User current email address theme - Name of the theme shown for this user (no longer changeable in core but can be in contrib) signature - Signature as set in the user account settings signature_format - Text format to apply to signature created - Unix timstamp for when the account was created access - Unix timstamp of the last time the user accessed the site login - Unix timstamp of the last successful login by this user status - 1 if the user is active, 0 if blocked timezone - User's timezone as a PHP compatible timezone string ( date_default_timezone_set() ) language - User's language code picture - User picture / avatar init - Contains the email address the user provided during initial registration data - Data stored in the users table by contrib modules (second argument of user_save()) From the 'sessions' table: sid - Session ID for HTTP sessions ssid - Session ID for HTTPS sessions hostname - User's IP address timestamp - A timestamp of last user access cache - A timestamp used in to check freshness of cached data session - Variables stored in the session through $_SESSION From the 'user_roles' table: roles - Array of roles assigned to the user If this is any help, the data for the global user object comes from these tables users sessions roles user_roles If you check the field description of the above, it will unscramble the above object for you fairly easily. instead of something like: nextval('sequence_name') . This code doesn't include any fields, but rather, pulls the information directly from the database to populate the object.My best friends are lesbians too, and I invited them over to my place so we could have a naughty “game night” together!The global user object contains some basic data from Drupal core.Welcome to Midsummer's Eve - UK and Ireland's award-winning original free dating site - celebrating twelve years of love, romance and friendship!#ecstatic." In the video, Jones, a singer and songwriter, is heard saying, "Say hi Daddy…he's moving." Jones also wrote: "Hi daddy @1omarion another king is born.#greatestdad #New Mom." Its pretty safe to say that the two will be having a little boy.Given Name: Marques Barrett Houston Nickname: BATMANAge: 35 (8/4/1981)Occupation: Music - Singer Most Famous For: Immature, r&b duo "I'll come up to her and make faces and she smiles and laughs, she's already got me wrapped around her fingers.The whole daddy's girl thing, she's already got me hook, line and sinker.

But if someone changes their Facebook email address, they will continue to have the same Facebook provider id, and thus the stable_sid will remain stable."He comes from a very strong family and has a tight circle of close friends.He really isn't into the 'celeb scene' and does his own thing.We believe online daters already know what they're looking for in a match, so we just created the best tools to help them find it.We're committed to listening to our users, and responding to their feedback to make our site even better.

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One of the girls invited two of her lesbian girlfriends over for a game of twister!

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