Rtl dating site

Rtl dating site

Words can be perverted and used to manipulate rather than to inform.Symbols can be used to segregate rather than unite.If only one percent of that life is intelligent, there could be one million civilizations out there, and of that million is it conceivable that one discovered the secrets of space travel.It is possible that ancient astronauts went in search of life beyond their own world and found it on the planet Earth.Millions of people accept the theory that intelligent life forms visited Earth thousands of years ago and were worshiped as gods by primitive man.Are monuments like Stonehenge and Easter Island the last remains of an ancient alien visitation?And those given the responsibility and authority to disseminate information to the public possess the ability to do with it as they choose.

It's an investigation into a theory some believe cannot be true, but many agree cannot be ignored.The custodians of this plant are the medicine men, or shamans. It appears the botany of the plant is only half the story. Ever since he discovered the talking plants, studying human sciences at University, he has experienced with the hallucinogenic flora.British plants are one thing, but in the Amazon they use Banisteriopsis caapi, or Ayahuasca, for their therapy and it's a strong medicine.We use symbols for absolutely everything the mind can conceive of.There is at least one word or icon or gesture to insinuate everything our five senses can detect and then some. Most people are unwilling to seek and create their own interpretations of these symbols.

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But Osmanagic, who says he sharpened his eye for archaeology on numerous trips around the world to study ancient civilisations, insists the structures "cannot be the art of nature".

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