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Sodomy was illegal in places like Texas until the 2000s. But it was a misguided belief that you were addressing a private club.

As the digital age bloomed, sexual variety reigned.

And here we are, we’re both these ultra-smarty-pants, computer-genius women—how can this be happening to us? This guy has all these super-brainy women dangling on a string.

’ They compared notes—and it was the same man.” When they floated his name to the wider community of The WELL, Bright recalls, “there was complete pandemonium. And he had been doing this with so many other chicks, it was just [crazy].”Bright recalls her reaction: “I’m sitting there at my keyboard and I just dropped my cup of coffee, because I had just fucked this guy in New York City a couple of weeks earlier. And I felt really embarrassed because, unlike the others, I had not given him money. [He] was, as far as I knew, the first Internet cad.”There were downsides, there were upsides.

Along comes the Web, and I dropped into this world in which I believed my body would be accepted. It suddenly gave me a freedom to meet with men in a way that I’d never experienced before.”Mayes believes that when it came to the stereotypical sexual aesthetic of the gay man, the digital realm had much to recommend it.

“The gay world seems to lend itself to this idea of sharing stuff,” he insists. It has that reputation: open relationships, sharing partners, etcetera.

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There were quite a lot of women on The WELL—for an Internet group, it was a shocking number. It didn’t even occur to me that computers were supposed to be a guy-only space.

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