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Radiometric dating planets

Dramatic space pictures from the Hubble Telescope and other new instruments have become frequent news events.

Everyone is awed by these colorful images of distant planets, stars, and galaxies.

For many years astronomy texts have been hard-pressed for evidence of new star formation. Photo of a small part of the Eagle Nebula, 7000 light years from earth.

The pillars, several light years in size, consist of gas and dust.

But what about additional planets far beyond the solar system?

Such objects circling other stars have long been sought by astronomers.

The needed initial condensing of gas to the critical size, however, appears to be a rare event.

They reason that the earth naturally condensed from a disk of gas and then later quickly blossomed with evolved life.

If true, then this also should be happening in many other places in space.

After all, the universe is thought to be ancient, and its stars are observed to die out sooner or later as novae or supernovae.

Yet stars are still present in vast numbers, some "young" in age.

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One alternative creationist model is that the entire heavens were formed much as we see them currently.

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