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” Don’t get me wrong, he has done a lot for my family and I am so afraid to lose the best guy in the world.He’s the guy every woman would love to be with and I feel like a jerk for being so picky.This could be his favourite band, a sporting event, or maybe rent a video projector and screen and have a private screening of his favourite movie in the back yard with a fire burning.Just make sure whatever you plan, it includes some passionate lovemaking at some point.It uses a deep understanding on how men’s minds are wired so you can you subtle hypnotic cues to let him understand how valuable you really are.

Long distance relationships have the ability to take on an air of fantasy. Now that you’ve seen this other, less-affectionate side of him, are you still madly in love with him? I love him and we’re going to get past him taking me for granted! What’s really the most important thing here is to really get a good understanding on how men think.Has it made you start to really see clearly who he is? Men don’t think like you do so it is imperative you really understand your future husband to let him know how much you crave his attention.There is a brilliant book called Rousing the Lion that’s basically the “love spell” to get men to adore you.You’ll learn how to praise him in a way that inspires him to be a better man and a better lover.It’s actually not fair that you learn some of these things because sometimes men just want to act like jerks and it makes it almost impossible…First of all, stop thinking that he has to make all the first moves to showing how happy he is you are in his life. You need toremind him why he fell in love with you in the first place and it will wipe out all of those “he’s taking me for granted” feelings.

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    The relationship starts well with him being helpful and supportive, giving you useful advice or helping you with small tasks but soon he gets more involved arranging for things to be done for you without asking first, buying you things he feels you need or even offering you money. He cancels seeing you to help out friends in need who depend on him, he is still close friends with his ex-girlfriends helping them out with problems, he fits you in around apparently urgent jobs he has to do for others and he spends too much time at work possibly volunteering for extra hours.

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