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feels similar to other anime series that are romantic comedy-dramas set in high school.

The opening credit animation hints at the love triangle that serves as the core, but is otherwise seemingly innocuous.

Ancient internet memes aren’t what I’m here to talk about, though.

Having watched the full twelve episodes myself, there’s actually a lot more to the show than just an internet joke or an ending shocker, and it’s actually had me thinking quite a bit.

But what makes the game somewhat notorious is that the bad endings take things to the extreme, with one or more of the characters meeting their end in death.

And the producers of the anime took this fact to heart.

You are a young student, who want to seduce a beatiful biology teacher Arie Giovanni.

And yet, in retrospect, it feels as though these tropes are only present to instill familiarity and to keep the viewer watching as the real story plays out.(She was not.)Overall, the plot of the show is like one long tear-down of the very genre it’s adapting.Makoto goes from immature, inexperienced, and indecisive to being a callous, promiscuous idiot. And it’s not as though the ending comes from out of nowhere. The first and last episodes begin with their title cards shattering like glass.Eventually, everything comes crashing down, as Sekai tells Makoto the news and chastises him to take responsibility.Word spreads through the whole school, and soon no one is willing to speak with him or return his calls.

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