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She role-plays that she is Amanda, and your heart could break just watching her, knowing that she has rehearsed this kiss so many times in her head.Before the date, Keith withdraws all his hard-earned college money to buy earrings for Amanda.Hardy tells Keith he wants to be friends, but in reality he wants to lure Keith to his house and beat him up.Keith learns of the plot and mistakenly thinks Amanda is involved.His only friend is the tomboy Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson).Watts is teased at school for her butch look and has only her drums and Keith to sustain her.

So, it totally makes sense that even if she was (and she ) gay, she was closeted. Is there any instrument more lady gay than the drums?

So our main character’s perfect match turns out to be the best friend he’s confided in all along.

That may be fairly standard rom-com material, but in other John Hughes classics (), the main character ends up not with the best friend, but with the super-rich, super-popular object of her affections. But in all three of these movies the girl does get the guy of her dreams. And in Sixteen Candles, Samantha does belong with Jake, just like she’s told The Geek, and Andie in Pretty in Pink does belong with Blane, just like she’s told Duckie.

If you were already getting shit for being a presumed lesbian in 1987, imagine how much more you'd get if you were a confirmed lesbian. Now before you can say it, I want to acknowledge that, as in all Secretly Gay Movies, it's completely possible to have a character like Watts who is straight as an arrow and simply enjoys dressing like she just walked out of a 1992 San Francisco leather bar. Sure, straight girls can rock a pixie cut, but a short haircut like that a leather motorcycle jacket reads more Jenny Shimizu than Mia Farrow. Not even an acoustic guitar at the Michigan Womyn’s Festival is more gay than the drums. Really it must be a drag to be a slave to the male sex drive.

Secretly Gay Movies is oftentimes just as aspirational as it is observational. So other than Watts constantly drumming on things, wearing lots of mandarin collars, and some of the best secondhand leather vests money can buy, we can just Amanda Jones. Fortunately, I couldn't care less about the male sex drive. Watts: (sarcastic) Oh, you wanna start a book club with her?

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Matters are further complicated when Watts realizes she likes Keith as more than just a friend and tries to convince him to stop pursuing Amanda.

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