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And keep in mind that it takes time for a rape victim to heal.Part of supporting a rape victim is not trying to rush them and understanding that they will heal in their own time.(I am trying very hard to respect "M'Loves" privacy), But I am DAMN-SURE that it's a case of putting 2 and 2 together with them. It's incredibly painful to watch a person you love go through a trauma like rape and you might not know how to support a rape victim.- that this all happened - I hate myself, for what I did (or didn't when it really mattered!) - even if I didnt think it would ever come about, like this - I have tried and tried to get her to go through some sort of counseling, or just talk about it to a close friend. Apparently, of talk between them has taken place, and maybe to a good degree, if I am not mistaken. It amazes me how one moment of selfish gain can hurt a lifetime. Can hurt a human being to the point of making them want to kill themself! Tell her that you don't want her to leave you becouse you love her and you need her. Todd, Along with your girlfriend, I am also a woman that has been raped.

I do not see any light to this tunnel that I am in now. It's like something was tearing me appart, literally.

I wish I could step into her and take the pain away. I wish I could go back in time and take her hand and pull her out of there! I belive you when you say that you feel what she feels. If she knows that you are one and you feel this way, maybe you can tell her that you can heal together, face it together.

It is a situation that will forever change me and there is no exit from this pain. It must be so difficult for you to go through this.

I had lived with her for over two months, and a few problems caused me to leave (a different city a days drive away). She is in a set of horrors that is hers alone, no matter WHAT I do, to let her set herself feelining free.

She was lonely and hurt, so went out one night with "friends", who didn't watch her back after some stranger bought her a lot of drinks. Ever since then (about a month ago), I've been SO guilt-ridden.... We probably wouldn't have gone out at all that night, but even if we did, I'd have stepped in after that jerk bought her more than 1 drink. One disappointment is that, for all the Victim Serves that are available, I havent found anyone much that gives a damn about the victims loved ones, and how they are coping. But she also had to put on a "brave face" in order to do her job and set out food on the table.

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It helps, I fall back to sleep and dont dream about it anymore. But one other thiing he would do, he wears a necklace, and i always play with it.

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