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The Federal government's frenzied search for Lincoln's killer was under way, pushing into the shadows of history the shocking event that occurred near the shores of Virginia and Maryland on the night of April 23 and early morning of April 24, 1865.Eleven soldiers from the 16th Connecticut, perhaps the most unfortunate regiment in the Union army, were aboard the Massachusetts. Each of the men, none older than 27, had survived the bloodiest day in American history, Sept. Hill's veteran troops in farmer John Otto’s 40-acre cornfield, 43 Nutmeggers were killed in action and many skedaddled, two fleeing all the way to England.The lighthouse keeper, however, begged a Confederate officer to save it, arguing that it was also his home and that his pregnant wife was near childbirth and wouldn't be able to survive if they must abandon it.The officer obliged, confiscating the oil in the lighthouse and destroying its lens and lantern instead.Neither vessel apparently saw the other before the accident.

By April 1865, Samuel had already experienced more than his share of tragedy.Nine days after John Wilkes Booth emptied a single-shot .44 caliber Derringer pistol into Abraham Lincoln’s brain, nearly 400 former Union prisoners of war crowded onto an old steamer moored in the Potomac River at Alexandria, Va.Bound that early Sunday evening for Norfolk, Va., the USS Massachusetts, used during the war to enforce the blockade of the South, was "unfit to carry more than half the number she had on board," a soldier who made the ill-fated trip recalled years later.If it weren't a moonless night, the men aboard may have spied Maryland's Blackstone Island in the distance.In May 1864, Rebels intended to destroy the lighthouse on the 40-acre island, fearing it would be used by the Yankees.

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His life was saved when his cousin, John, a quartermaster sergeant in the 16th Connecticut, gave him his place in a line of prisoners to be paroled in Savannah, Ga., in December 1864.

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