Jun matsumoto and yukie nakama dating dating advice 101

Jun matsumoto and yukie nakama dating

Make sure to check it out if you haven't read it yet.

This time I'm stalking my most favorite actress, the most versatile Japanese actress I know, the most beautiful actress I know, also known as...

The fact that she is the one and only 'Yankumi' seals the deal... I really admire her personality from all her interviews and I really love her innocence^_^ -I wish that I could have met her in person! konbanwa anata wa kirei desu ne last month i visited Urasoe, Okinawa about 5 days there I went to Ryukyu Palace lo.. thank you because you are now of one of my inspiration...

-I'm addicted to Yukie Nakama san, I love her acting! i wanna come back again to your place oiya when you will visit my conutry, Indonesia? mata aimasho arigato gozaimashita ^-^ hello yukie.. I love you Yukie....although I don't speak Japanese fluentley , I love to watch you...beautiful and talented...

:) I became a Yankumi fan since long time ago, then I got hooked and immediately collected all her series and movies like shinobi, trick, utsukushii rinjin, erai tokoro ni totsuide shimatta, untouchable, etc. "yankumi" i'm so inspired whenever i see you acting :) you make me laugh,cry, and even mad ... i'm a filipino and i really love japanese drama, especially "GOKUSEN" :) more power for you and to all japanese actresses there :) hello yukie nakama... I have laughed, and cried as I have watched your many roles....

Welcome to my 2nd Stalker's Guide ~ My first was about Matsumoto Jun.

I'm sure every J-Drama watcher knows her, or has at least heard of her.

Recently I’ve read the news saying that she gains weight, not as good looking as before, as her husband was cheating on her. I really hate those kinds of newspaper and reporter. To me she is always the most gorgeous Japanese woman. Yukie, don’t be upset because of the stupid marketing purpose report. I do wish you can see those lines from the bottom of my heart. I hope you will overcome the difficulties and continue to be a great actress.

Her MDL page states 40 drama roles (32 as a lead actress) and 12 movie roles (10 being main roles), but Wikipedia lists even more roles. It's a big mystery why no one has made A Stalker's Guide about Nakama Yukie yet...

Her earliest acting role (according to Wikipedia) was in 1996 when she was 17 years old.

I hope they never remake it like they did with GTO. all her dramas turned out great because she acted really well.

she deserved every award she received.:) who ever thinks dat Yukie Nakama is ugly well u can jst kiss mhy ass!!!

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I'm sure I could write a book about her: That's how much I admire her. This movie is a continuation of legendary Japanese horror movies Ringu and Ringu 2, where Yamamura Sadako is the antagonist. It takes place 30 years before the original movies, and we get to see the sad past of young Sadako, played by Nakama Yukie.

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