Intimidating basketball chants

Or maybe "I believe that we will win" will really sweep the nation the way Zombie Nation once did, infecting student sections at schools both large and small. I believe that I wouldn't have any problem with that.

As much as fans from Navy or Utah State may want to preserve the unique nature of the chant -- and as much as the chant feels like it should be reserved for the underdog -- I ...

From Krzyzewskiville to the iconic Blue Devil logo, the Crazies are integral to what consistently makes Cameron Indoor one of the toughest venues in college basketball.

Students camp out in tents for days just to have a chance to watch Duke face hated rival North Carolina or a few of the other elite ACC foes.

Herein lies the top 10 traditions in college basketball.

Championship Week, so dubbed by ESPN’s clever branding team, is as exciting as any singular week throughout the entire college basketball season.

The week preceding Selection Sunday is filled with wall-to-wall conference tournament action and is the final chance for numerous underperforming teams to earn an automatic berth to the tournament.

These student sections are strong parts of the game experience, and run the gamut from the Duke's infamous Cameron Crazies to the University of Illinois' altruistic Orange Krush.In college, high school and NBA basketball, the sixth man is the fans attempting to influence the game by cheering and chanting for their team of choice.The fan section is referred to as the "sixth man", because they are considered the sixth "player" of their basketball team.Want to see something awesome, something that reaffirms your love in college basketball -- not in the game itself, so much, but in what it means to its most dedicated fans? Here's what you do: Type "" into your web browser.Enter the search term "I believe that we will win." Click on the second video.

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"I," they chanted softly, then louder, "I believe . ."Sources say a group of Navy lacrosse players started the ruckus, though you can't be sure because urban legends are quickly springing up around Johnson's 7-4 team."I believe that," they yelled as more joined in. It may do so solely as a mid-major rallying cry: The Mid Majority's Kyle Whelliston added the words to his masthead this season to commemorate the start of a new, collectively driven era of coverage at the site.

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