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Wear the degrading uniform, having to address the man ordering me around as "Master", "Yes, master", "Thank you, master". I really wanted to be controlled and have no control as a slave. I'd told my friends and family that I was going to travel around Europe for a while, really try to get away from life's problems and all that crap, when in actual fact, I planned to go to Europe to find a master I could live with. I had made my profile to look more like an advertisement than that like a profile, really. I will cook, clean, and serve in any other way you want.

Of course, when I got back from my "trip", my family and friends would want pictures of my great adventure, but I could just say the memory card broke or something. If you should decide that I need to be punished, or if you're just bored, you can slap me, whip me, whatever. I don't do scatology, anything that pierces or cuts my skin, animals, kids, drugs, or anything else that is illegal.

The g-string was a black latex g-string that looked to have the little components on it where a belt would fit it.

I wondered if she would actually make me wear a belt with it, but before I knew it, she was fitting a small black leather belt around my waist.

I felt really cold, even though it was quite a warm night.

She flashed I front of me what I think was a latex g-string.It was actually really annoying, because I had to politely ask them to fuck off, which made feel sort of like a hypocrite, since I was advertising myself as a slut. It was from a woman who had nicknamed herself "Mistress Mandy" Mistress Mandy - "I'm very interested in your advertisement and would love to discuss some terms and some of my rules with you.We live in the same city, so I could come and meet you.The heels must have only been about 3 inches, but from what I could see, they looked great. That might just be because the only other people her age that lived around me were overweight mothers.As far as I could tell, she was also wearing a pair of tight, dark blue jeans that hugged her legs. I also saw that she'd brought some things with her. "Before I give you your uniform, I'm going to have to give you the underwear you'll be wearing", she explained to me.

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I suppose I was a little bicurious, but not that much.

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