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The lines of the incantation can be said at any time without requiring preparation, and Archer is able to stop between lines to speak and then resume without issue.The first line is often used in order to strengthen a projection, such as with Archer's use of Caladbolg II and Shirou's use of Rho Aias.Once the incantations have been completed, an illusionary fire that does not emit any heat spreads out to form a boundary and wall for the Bounded Field.The bright light fills the vision of those present, and manifests an open, barren desert with monolithic black gears gyrating in the distance.According director Tomm Moore, the film is based on several aspects from his childhood.The film is set in October 1987, which Moore remembered as rainy and windy.

It is close to a "Ten-Count" aria, using a poem about the caster as the basis, a sorrowful elegy in EMIYA's case, used to activate High-Thaumaturgy.

The basis for the world in the Reality Marble is a hill of swords that spreads infinitely in their minds.

It is the final illusion Archer saw on the verge of death, the only pride left within himself, and it is where Shirou makes his vow to uphold his ideals during the Unlimited Blade Works route.

Overall, the film is just gentle and joyous and so hard to dislike.

is the Reality Marble of Shirou Emiya and the Noble Phantasm of the Heroic Spirit EMIYA and his Fate/Extra counterpart.

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EMIYA does not have a true Noble Phantasm that is the crystallized embodiment of a hero's existence like many demonic or holy swords, but if a Noble Phantasm is considered to be a symbol of the Heroic Spirit, then the Reality Marble is his Noble Phantasm.

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