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Bishop Victorinus of Petovium [Pettau] martyred 304 AD, from the Commentary on the Apocalypse of the Blessed John. Paul's letter to the Christian communities of Galatia is the first of the "great epistles" of St.

Paul, "the apostle to the Gentiles." The letter has been called the "Magna Carta of Christian liberty" because the focus of St.

Paul's message is that Jesus Christ has freed those who believe in Him from bondage to the legalism of the old Law and from slavery to sin.

He has placed all who come in faith to embrace Him as their personal Lord and Savior in a position of true liberty. Paul's argument is that the life-transforming Cross of Jesus Christ makes way for the believer's deliverance from the uncompromising weight of the Law, the curse of sin, and the unfulfilling burden of living entirely for self. Paul describes a dramatic faith-union with Jesus Christ that is revealed in the visible sign of the Sacrament of Christian Baptism (Gal ) that unites all believers to Christ and to each other as brothers and sisters in the family of God (Gal ). Paul, "Apostle to the Goyim (Gentiles)" Paul, an apostle not from human beings nor through a human being but through Jesus Christ and God the Father who raised him from the dead, and all the brothers who are with me, to the churches of Galatia ... Paul identifies himself as the writer of the letter to the churches of the Roman Province of Galatia in the first verse.

I myself will show him how much he must suffer for my name.

Acts -16 In the whole world Paul taught that all the churches are arranged by sevens, that they are called seven, and that the Catholic Church is one.

Paul's letter to the Christians of the Roman province of Galatia. Ananias said, "Lord, I have heard from many people about this man and all what evil things he has been doing to your holy people in Jerusalem.

Tarsus was given special status as a "free" Roman city by Marc Antony (died 31 BC) and its privileges were confirmed and enlarged by the first Roman emperor, Octavian/Augustus Caesar (ruled 27 BC " 14 AD).In 189 BC Rome sent an expedition against the Galatians that resulted in the Galatian War.They were defeated and the Romans then dominated Galatian Celts from that point onward.The great apostle to the Gentiles, who we know as St.Paul, was given the name Saul (Sha'ul in Hebrew) by his parents; it is a Hebrew name meaning "to desire" or "to ask." As a member of the tribe of Benjamin, he was probably named for the tribe's most illustrious member, Saul the first King of Israel (Acts 13:9 and 1 Sam 8:1-5; 9:1-2, 15-17; 10:1a).

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