Dating someone with npd

When you're in love with someone, it can be tricky to tease these characteristics out.

It is vital to learn about them, especially if you are repeatedly a victim of them.

And while it's not the end of the world to date someone who holds his or her ego in high regard — after all, studies show this may make them more likely to go to the gym and land leadership positions at work — a bit too much narcissism in a relationship can spell serious disaster.

To most people, a “narcissist” is just someone vain and self-absorbed, a man or woman obsessed with their appearance and confident to the point of arrogance. They might well be suffering from a psychiatric disorder called Narcissist Personality Disorder (NPD) — and to someone dating them and trying to win some of the love the narcissist keeps for him or herself, that can be a real problem. It’s estimated to affect at least one person in 100, both men and women.

They might later admit to having seen plenty of red flags but because the illusion of the narcissist’s great qualities is so vivid, they tend to be ignored: “[T]he normal mind cannot grasp that someone who showed so much love, affection, attention, and tenderness could turn so cruel and vicious under any circumstances let alone without provocation of any kind,” says Anonymous. I couldn’t believe that what I was experiencing was real.

The ugliness only came out after many, many months of no ‘red flags.’” Although people with co-dependent tendencies are more likely to stay longer with a narcissist, even the most self-confident person can end up with one, if only for a short time.

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Being absorbed with your own appearance, ideas, or ego is a hallmark of narcissism.

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