Dating matchmaking aussietogo internet solution

Dating matchmaking aussietogo internet solution

For example, a repair company is likely to measure TAT from the point of arrival of the defective item to its shipment if it deems that other aspects of the process are outside its' control.A freight company may similarly measure the pickup to delivery time delta.4) TAT may sometimes also be measured from point of customer complaint to disposition (scrap, recycle or resale) of of the returned item.Microsoft, in analyzing complaints and commendations from customers after receiving service, noticed that customers whose XBOX was missing for no more than one weekend considered Microsoft service good regardless of the number of days it was away for repair.Microsoft adjusted their logistics processes accordingly. Units requiring a two day shipment are usually dispatched on a Wednesday while units requiring a single days shipment are dispatched on a Thursday.Here the objective is to shorted the overall supply chain pipeline.

If the return is deemed repairable then the client may be waiting a significant time while the product is processed at a service facility and reunited with its owner.2) TAT from the perspective of a retailer/dealer.Microsoft will expedite units that are in danger of exceeding the magic one weekend TAT and will pay extra for freight if necessary to achieve the magic goal.A one weekend TAT can of course be measured as varying from seven to twelve days so measuring TAT for Microsoft in days might not yield the insight they need.Depending on the specifics of the industry sector the measurement unit could be in seconds, hours, days, weeks or months.According to Jose Garcia of Microsoft, who has responsibility for XBOX repair in North America, the appropriate measurement unit for XBOX service is 'weekends'.

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