Dateing lovely sex chat

Dateing lovely sex chat

These, I will not be able to release without a free hand.

At the other head post, I also used a cinch noose but instead of tying it to the bed, it was tied to a stocking in which I placed three ice cubes and passed the stocking through a small key ring.

Hello - This is a story that i have been tied-up and gagged. He had been meaning to tie me up for months and he decided that day he would. One day ten minutes or so after I had started I heard the door knob rattle.

The string for the cuffs was always within easy reach and I would often spend hours enjoying my helplessness before freeing myself.

When she entered the room she acted surprised but not overly so. " All I could do was answer a muted "mmmpph" as she stood staring down at me.

She was all decked out for her job as she usually was wearing black stockings, heels and a short skirt to show off her incredible legs.

And thats how I ended up four hours later still tied up and serving as a footstool to her and her two girlfriends as they drank marguaritas, smoked cigarrettes and argued over their favorite soapoperas.

I placed a blindfold (actually the eye shades you get on the airplanes) on my forehead.

"well what if I tied you up and kept you here against your will? She smiled,"That wouldn't work, I'd just escape." I informed her that escape would be impossible. I tied her ankles together then ran a long piece of rope from her bound ankles to the frame under the bed, she was stretched out nicely.

She laid back on the bed and said "It's a shame you don't have any rope or we could find out." With that I headed the closet and pulled out several pieces of rope. I strapped a belt around her legs just above her knees and stepped back to admire my work. I found two bandanas and rolled up one in a ball, "This will keep you quiet." She readily excepted the gag, but seemed a little concerned, she later told me she didnt expect me to be so into the tying game.

I checked everything again and stripped down to my panties.

For the tie up, I first slipped my ankles into the lower cinches and pulled them tight.

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Beth is about 5'7" 120lbs, gorgeous blue eyes, nice curves, and huge breasts. The other bandana was tied around her mouth to keep the first in.

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