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The program currently used for rehabilitating credit for federal student loan holders is a viable one and would adjust to helping those with private loans very easily.One other option might be passing the Student Loan Fairness Act.The big question on For some, the debt can well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.Over the past decade, college costs and fees have risen 3.5% faster than inflation each year on average.The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) believes that the current student debt problems could easily become another debt crisis similar to what happened with sub prime mortgages in 2008.A report they issued in July 2012 believes that changing the law to allow , that is offered in federal student loan programs.While it is possible to come to a private agreement with the lender, no court in the U. Other legislation similar to HR 532 has been submitted previously, but never at a time when so many graduates over the last five years have had to struggle in a just now recovering job market.

One positive suggestion from the CFRB was to address the issue of rehabilitating the credit of those borrowers who did finally repay their loans despite doing so late and with penalties.If you want to get a student loan, you generally can’t go down to your local bank and take out a loan to pay for college.Student loans are considered higher risk than car loans, house loans and other loans you can get from a local bank.This is a common situation, but it’s important that you research all of your scholarship, grant and loan options before getting a private student loan.The best private student loans offer low rates, rate discounts and a variety of incentives.

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Nothing on this site constitutes official qualification or guarantee of result. Department of Education has put a freeze on student loan borrower defense laws that were supposed to go into effect this past July. And the benefits are mutual – you get to pay off your student loan “Default” is a dirty word in the student loan industry.

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